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What To Bring to Your Appointment:

  • Picture ID for you and your spouse, if married and filing jointly
  • Social Security cards and birth dates for you, your spouse, and children you are claiming
  • W-2 forms for jobs held during the tax year
  • 1099 forms, such as 1099G, 1099Misc, 1099Int
  • Any letter or notice you received from the IRS
  • A copy of last year's return
  • For a faster refund that is directly deposited, bring your saving and/or checking account and routing numbers.

Please Click Here to print Required Documents Check List

Other receipts that may INCREASE your tax refund:

  • If you paid for child care- documentation listing provider name, address, tax ID#, and amount paid
  • if you, your spouse, or a child attended college- tuition expense statement (1098T) and/ or student loan interest statement (1098E)
  • Documentation of court-ordered child support
  • Home interest and property taxes paid (1098)
  • Medical bills paid
  • Charitable contributions made during the year

Frequently Asked Questions?

EITC: Earned Income Tax Credit is a refundable income tax credit that is available to low-income workers with "earned" income-wages or self-employment income. If you qualify, you could reduce or eliminate your income taxes, even get money back that could be used for saving, home repairs or other things

Child and Dependent Care Credit: If you work and have child care expenses, you could be eligible for federal and state tax credits

Tips to Maximize your Tax Return

Taxlaws and people’s tax situations change from year to year, so you may be entitled to different deductions this year than last year. Major life changes often trigger a modification of deductions, or there may be deductions that you have missed in past years. Here are a few examples of common, but often overlooked, deduction: charitable donations, education expenses, medical expenses, real estate taxes,tax preparation fees, state and local sales tax, and job search expenses.

Theseare just a few of the legal tax deductions; there may be others you can claim. Be sure you have proper documentation to back up any deductions you claim, and remember, while it may seem like a windfall to get a large tax refund, your goal should really be to break even. If you’re getting a refund, you’ve basically been loaning the government money – without interest.

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